Sheree Whitfield Has An Arrest Record

By Nina
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Jan 31st, 2012

How did it escape me that Sheree Whitfield from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has an arrest record for three separate charges? To be fair here, Sheree was quite young when she was arrested for theft and hit and run and was in her late teens for 1 record that I can find for theft.

I have read that she was arrested for a hit and run which was eventually expunged and so are her mug shots. It has been reported that a few news outlets did run this story with her mug shot which at this time has been erased from the internet which is as hard as removing pee from a pool. (Ok I read that too)

The theft record that I found for “Sheree “Fuller” Whitfield” in Ohio states that she was arrested twice in the same year and was charged with Theft and Possession of Criminal Tools which can be found in Cuyahoga County Court records.

It has been suggested that Sheree at 19 years old stole numerous pair of jeans from Saks Fifth Avenue and it is pretty clear that Sheree’s love for fashion started at a young age and is willing to get her sticky hands on slick jeans.

I am not so shocked by teenagers stealing and am glad that Sheree so far has decided to pay for her fashions but what is interesting, back in 2008, Sheree had petitioned the court to expunge some of her records which was finalized in January 2009 which may be the reason I cannot find a mug shot.

As we are all heavily discussing Marlo Hampton’s extensive criminal record, by no means can they be compared. In short, Sheree did not cut or intend to harm anyone intentionally which would deem her a seriously dangerous person. In addition, Sheree is not pretending to know which fork to use during dinner and how to cross her legs like a lady.
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