Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice’s Husband’s Mistress Has Been Revealed!

By Nina
In The Tea
Oct 12th, 2011

The mystery woman who was photographed having lunch with Barney Devito while Teresa was out holding the big wooden, witch shit-stirring spoon at the Posche Fashion Show, has been revealed. And even though Teresa tried to down play that shit like she always does by saying Sancha is a “family friend,” the truth is, she is an old Barney Devito friend. According to Reality Tea the rumor is that Barney Devito’s brother used to date Sancha and Barney Devito dated Sancha’s sister back in the day.

The mystery woman is a Puerto Rican native divorcee 37 year old professional body builder named Davana Medina, who Barney Devito has supposedly been rumored to have known and banged the whole time even before he married Teresa and it seems that he kept in close touch with Davana and maybe with her sister as well.

Life & Style revealed that Davana used to be Teresa’s personal trainer while supposedly doing Barney Devito on the side:

While Teresa claims the woman is a family friend — Davana was once her personal trainer — an insider confirms to Life & Style that Joe’s relationship with her goes far deeper than Teresa knows. “Joe actually used to date Davana’s sister before he married Teresa,” reveals a former friend of Davana’s. “But Joe was very close to Davana, as well. He’s been at her house many times, late at night.”

While the mom of four was busy filming season four of her hit Bravo show at the annual Posche fashion show, Joe was grabbing midnight drinks with Davana across town. “They stayed for an hour or so,” says a fellow diner about Joe and Davana, who’s divorced and has a young daughter. “They were definitely friendly. She looked like a younger version of Teresa.”

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